Capturing the Spirit of Southwest, Washington: A Collaboration with the Business Improvement District

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Collaboration with the Washington DC Southwest Business Improvement District
Collaboration with the Washington DC Southwest Business Improvement District

This summer, I have collaborated with the Southwest Business Improvement District (SWBID) in Washington DC on a few exciting events. This non-profit organization is committed to developing programs and opportunities to further the southwest area of DC. 

The first event was centered on promoting Circuit RideShare: This is an electric shuttle service that facilitates mobility at an affordable price in and around the Southwest part of the city. These are some photos I took at this event:

The second event, Inspire Success Day, was a community event aimed at connecting residents in the area with valuable resources that can help them achieve personal and professional success. Attendees were able to chat with various groups and organizations (e.g., Job Corps, the Department of Public Works, etc.) and thereby obtain career guidance, educational support, financial advice, and health and wellness resources. Below are some shots from this event.

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